"When my Heart ponders over the colors of life ... You come as a savior to my eyes And with my Pen I jot down the thoughts and embrace LIFE as it comes ... " - Saswati Barat

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Eight minutes to Love

Sitting idle at a coffee bar
Sipping into some hot cappuccino
and life passes by
like a windy day
sunglass stares of the bourgeoisie
honking tonk of the cars
and I wonder what if
I get a glance
oh that woman in the pungent red dress
swaying her hair to the cross
naillpolish tip top-ed up to date
fancy crochet badge
and a heart felt wind carry some
bubbles from a boy in grey
and her hands flow up and down in sway
a heartfelt giggle rings my ears
I turn and fall to ground
no wonder they say
it just takes a moment
moment to sweep you off
i stare i stare
and she smiles away
what wonders have you created oh GOD
crystal bottles chunking to breath
I leave my table to walk a width
and she turns to glance at me
A glance which lasted an eternity
my white shirt drenched in the rain
i walk towards those deep sea eyes
she walks towards me
and every other moving sound
seems to stand still
i meet her at the bottom
of the clinton town hill
they have heart shaped balloons hanging from
a christmas way to welcome
we look at each other with breaths apart
and i think of heaven
she moves her lips
to say something
but all i hear is my own heat beat
beating out of the white checked shirt
i got ironed today evening
and i remind myself
seriously? is that what you can think of now
a damsel in red stands in front
asking a wonder or two
and i say
sorry could you repeat that
my mind shouts at me
dude you are insane you know
a soft whisper leaves her lips
i melt down on the floor
a distant memory rises up
a long dreamt dream drives
a sunday afternoon at the beach
a damsel i had passed by
she remembers my name she said
hello johnathan she smiles
i try to speak
my voice fails me
as i gape at her beautiful eyes
remember we met at the beach party
eight minutes to love she said
i could grab her now
and run away
is all i could think of late
i swear a two in my mind and muster the courage to speak
she puts her hand on my shoulders says a few to leave
and as she turns to cross the road
the man in me awakens
i hold the hand and pull her close
my lips touch the petals
we kiss
we kiss
and we kiss a more
my watch beeps a tone
eight minutes to love
her i have
eight minutes more

- Saswati Barat

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Raasta Life

Raasta life
Admired bond
Countless nights
Sleepless roads
Roads less taken by dreams
Dreams which don't dare to kindle
Even in the wildest of states of being
God forsaken hint
Of loving a kind of gold
The nostalgia and nonsensical catabomb
Grinding its path to heaven
A light
Silver rings rising high
Stars of celestial embodied with shining sparkling dust
The pungent taste of old
Welcome to
Raasta life
My friend

- Saswati Barat

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Humanitarian Thoughts part A

Can this humanity
that it has drawn out
the best of its manners
can it say
it has been fair
to the world around
How can the world feel
so dismayed ?
Just by the bare existence of
oxygen in the levels of life
Sucks the fever of greed to believe
Money can buy the lie
And humanity they say
is adorned with trash mystique
Mystique my ass
Already so stereotypical mind
Pondering if a poetry should be of
such disgraceful history and profanity
I am
Above all the Humans
the humanity proclaims has died
can it bring me back
the simplicity of joy
of giving and sharing not
how many apples I bite
windows that let my walls look open
its just a showcase of tragedy
look above the glass ceiling
meet the sky
flow like the endless sea
and you will know how Humanity
is supposed to be

Friday, July 22, 2011


Remember the times when we played and laughed
and hoped to cry in each others arms ?
Remember the songs you sang for me
and I sang you a dreamy dawn
Remember the moments when we touched and kissed
and promised to be one forever
And remember the days you left me behind
and said you would come back never
I am still standing here for you
still breathing your sweat
with eyes still waiting for that smile of yours
which I wish was the last sight before my death
And as I think I am waiting for you
A soft wind blows by
A scent, familiar one you see
Takes my eyes off to see
And you are there bright as a sunshine
A new flower has bloomed
I see
Move on my friend she smiles at me
I find quite hard to feel
numb and damp I hit the ground
no sunshine falls this side
cold as ice I crawl back to bed
wishing it was my hide
Remembering all you reminded me
of all the memories gone by
Come back is all I whisper then
My last breath says good bye

my beloved

Sudden drops of rain
Drain out of heart
and mind can do nothing
but smile
And hope that those sweet bitter memories
pass and come
and gently squeeze us to remind
and rewind the past
bring us to our happy place
elemental love
certainly not worth the
disgrace and humiliation you face
but why
all I did was try
try to love you the best way I could
and all you wanted me to be a dead soul
walk around
with an enchanted pendant
fly and high I go
with every passing minute
my soul disappears into the black hole
and the day shall come when I am nothing
but just a form of nothingness
hanging from the ceiling of
my one bedroom flat
a letter atop the desk
a love letter to let you know
I had always loved you
my beloved

-Saswati Barat

Sunday, May 01, 2011


let me smother you

in my evil soul

make you sweat

with my tremendous ego

have you eat

in my soul full eyes

and dictate your thoughts

with my mind


- Saswati Barat

PS : was dancing .. had these thoughts .. so penned them down ..


A thunderous night
With a melodious wind
Come and by
Brush my mind
Let my mind
Go free
Cause today I let go
Let go of you
And just let the wind be my guide
And what all I do is mine from now
Not a his master’s vow
And the earth can sing a song for me
Come my darling
Stand free
This freedom is all you want and need
And I can dance and breathe and sketch my world
In colours I like to be
Not a bird to change her wings with the course of life she takes
Coz I know my life shall let me be
The girl I want to stay

- Nameless Fameless

Hann and Beth

when beth and hann had to leave

I thought I might just well forget them

as the others had told me

they would never be back

hann came and kissed my cheeks

leaving a trace of her scent

it was quite hard

to tell her she was special

but it was more hard when

beth told me she would be going away

away and forever away from me

the same usual nose to nose touch

and she ran ...ran as fast as she could

may be i was crying

may be she was

I wasn't quite sure whose tears were rolling down

my cheeks

and touched the spot where hann had kissed

it burnt

burnt so hard that i had to wash my face

and realize i wasn't myself

any more

or was I like this always

and had just changed with their



and hann

her name was hanna beth

she was my love

my first love

and now she was gone

dwelt back to the darkness of reality

I was not sure where I belonged

I had to pinch to know

and landed up in the brothels of London

and stood aside

with the spotless white camisole

to cover the last remaining dignity

I could run away

like beth and hanna did

or I could stay

like hanna beth

like me

my name

my identity

- Nameless Fameless :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A symphony

A symphony grinding far away
and the soft winds blow and by
and touch the soft skin and flow
good bye
Of life is consumed by lust and taste
and drowning by the body's cage
a soulmate heart beats fast inside
and with shame the heavens stop
and take the mountains high as might
but when the curtains fall from height
and Oh ! the scent of softness pour
Its hard Its hard
Hard to control
The lust the love the urge
to smell
to pour
the love in my self
Can drink and drown in eyes of gold
and Lips of heavens make hell galore
the Kings can come and stop all time
But Tonight is mine
and only mine

Monday, April 11, 2011


Humble sound of the wind

Trembling song of the seas

Midnight dreams

Dreams which one can say good bye to

Ever wondered how the Gods speak?

God, with a beautiful light

Light shedding throughout life

Life, making it as bearable

As it can be

Shattering away millions of those lights


Doesn’t God exist for them?

Or only for those who are the special ones

Children of a greater God may be?

Dumbbells shinning everywhere

Where God once shined before

Why God can’t stop this burning flame

When millions of tears flow?

Down, down with the Eyes of God

Flowing now and by

Blind with the garland on

God closed his eye

Cunning, very cunning they say

A trait humans have inherited

Along with some love and care

And hatred twice as May

With hands and feet bare

We pray. We pray.

Sacrifice we say

Heals the wounds of doomsday

But if peace is so enlightened

Then why is it in pieces

Picking up this fragile glass

Careful, lest it pricks

Pain, they say, is God’s own way

To show how else is life (how life is else)

And why then

By ones own choice

Happiness comes and goes by

If God was there and everywhere

Why such shouts are made?

My God resides with my soul

And all the evils stay

My choice, my word, my destiny

All governed by one

One that resides inside me

God is where I am.

- Saswati Barat