"When my Heart ponders over the colors of life ... You come as a savior to my eyes And with my Pen I jot down the thoughts and embrace LIFE as it comes ... " - Saswati Barat

Friday, July 22, 2011


Remember the times when we played and laughed
and hoped to cry in each others arms ?
Remember the songs you sang for me
and I sang you a dreamy dawn
Remember the moments when we touched and kissed
and promised to be one forever
And remember the days you left me behind
and said you would come back never
I am still standing here for you
still breathing your sweat
with eyes still waiting for that smile of yours
which I wish was the last sight before my death
And as I think I am waiting for you
A soft wind blows by
A scent, familiar one you see
Takes my eyes off to see
And you are there bright as a sunshine
A new flower has bloomed
I see
Move on my friend she smiles at me
I find quite hard to feel
numb and damp I hit the ground
no sunshine falls this side
cold as ice I crawl back to bed
wishing it was my hide
Remembering all you reminded me
of all the memories gone by
Come back is all I whisper then
My last breath says good bye

my beloved

Sudden drops of rain
Drain out of heart
and mind can do nothing
but smile
And hope that those sweet bitter memories
pass and come
and gently squeeze us to remind
and rewind the past
bring us to our happy place
elemental love
certainly not worth the
disgrace and humiliation you face
but why
all I did was try
try to love you the best way I could
and all you wanted me to be a dead soul
walk around
with an enchanted pendant
fly and high I go
with every passing minute
my soul disappears into the black hole
and the day shall come when I am nothing
but just a form of nothingness
hanging from the ceiling of
my one bedroom flat
a letter atop the desk
a love letter to let you know
I had always loved you
my beloved

-Saswati Barat