"When my Heart ponders over the colors of life ... You come as a savior to my eyes And with my Pen I jot down the thoughts and embrace LIFE as it comes ... " - Saswati Barat

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Eight minutes to Love

Sitting idle at a coffee bar
Sipping into some hot cappuccino
and life passes by
like a windy day
sunglass stares of the bourgeoisie
honking tonk of the cars
and I wonder what if
I get a glance
oh that woman in the pungent red dress
swaying her hair to the cross
naillpolish tip top-ed up to date
fancy crochet badge
and a heart felt wind carry some
bubbles from a boy in grey
and her hands flow up and down in sway
a heartfelt giggle rings my ears
I turn and fall to ground
no wonder they say
it just takes a moment
moment to sweep you off
i stare i stare
and she smiles away
what wonders have you created oh GOD
crystal bottles chunking to breath
I leave my table to walk a width
and she turns to glance at me
A glance which lasted an eternity
my white shirt drenched in the rain
i walk towards those deep sea eyes
she walks towards me
and every other moving sound
seems to stand still
i meet her at the bottom
of the clinton town hill
they have heart shaped balloons hanging from
a christmas way to welcome
we look at each other with breaths apart
and i think of heaven
she moves her lips
to say something
but all i hear is my own heat beat
beating out of the white checked shirt
i got ironed today evening
and i remind myself
seriously? is that what you can think of now
a damsel in red stands in front
asking a wonder or two
and i say
sorry could you repeat that
my mind shouts at me
dude you are insane you know
a soft whisper leaves her lips
i melt down on the floor
a distant memory rises up
a long dreamt dream drives
a sunday afternoon at the beach
a damsel i had passed by
she remembers my name she said
hello johnathan she smiles
i try to speak
my voice fails me
as i gape at her beautiful eyes
remember we met at the beach party
eight minutes to love she said
i could grab her now
and run away
is all i could think of late
i swear a two in my mind and muster the courage to speak
she puts her hand on my shoulders says a few to leave
and as she turns to cross the road
the man in me awakens
i hold the hand and pull her close
my lips touch the petals
we kiss
we kiss
and we kiss a more
my watch beeps a tone
eight minutes to love
her i have
eight minutes more

- Saswati Barat