"When my Heart ponders over the colors of life ... You come as a savior to my eyes And with my Pen I jot down the thoughts and embrace LIFE as it comes ... " - Saswati Barat

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

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Magnificent life

What is this melodious feeling?
Like butterflies and purple flies
Benched upon the coloured Umbrella?
Messing up the morning hair to make it messier
Even weaving a sock which has 2 different tones
Butterfly dreams
Wet mornings
Dropped window panes
Moisten lips with the tip of the tongue
Hiding your face from the fellow passer byes
To make that peck on the mouthpiece for that special someone
Unshaped round pebbles
Good to try
Chocolate Popsicle
Berried bun
Moonlit candles to make a bit sour soup than expected
Some mistakes which do make u really happy
Jealous at times
To give that tingling affection
Exactly between your heart and lungs
At times like the evening breathe of wind
Slowly passing bye
To make u feel cold and cared
Dummy head
Sweet little cutie pie
Closed cupboards that have keys stuck at the holes
Honey dropping from the hives
Open shoelace but still trying to walk by
Magnificent life!
- Saswati Barat
10:55 pm
10 November 2008


pain .. what is this pain ?? this burning drowning pain
as if the ocean is on fire .
as if the wind has stopped
as if vaccum has egulfed
of sharp teeths in my chest
of rough hands that used to be once soft
so soft that i wouldn leave them
thats why i had plastered my hands with those
but now i cant remove it. . it pains .. those rugged hands
i wish they would turn back to "normal"
normal .. i wonder what is this normal
is it like normal water
or breath even .. inhale and exhale the poisons of life
the pains of life
the destiny it holds for me
the promises i had

- Nameless Fameless
24th oct 2008
wanting something dusn get u .. i have learnt that lesson long back
being a grasshopper in the grass may be dusn earn u the fame
heart u say .. feels like throbbing it out...
at times i dont get the ways things work
at times feels things work the ways i want
strange thing is i never felt that i ever lived .. may be tommorow
a new day
a new world
new friends
but why does it pain to leave behind that is old
not talkin about those golds and chumkis which wanna be with me
i am talkin about those broken pieces of bangles .. who dont
or is that i see them like broken .. u know i tried so hard to put them back
i heard time heals things. . it never heald. . like a flood which already had engulfed the barriers ..
like a dam having so many small holes that it wont break .. but neither it would stop
did u see the sky this morning ? how did it look ? sweet ? blue ? dark ?
i cant remember the last time i had the courage to look straight into the eyes ..
but its not that i lack it .. nor even regret
i hope u meet my feelings someday . they keep running away u know .. i send dem
like a kite in search of that same shade. . a bird .. reaching towards u
but always failing .. may be i cant compete with the nostalgias u have
but i would try
and i would always hope
i have learnt it .. again

- nameless fameless
23rd oct 2008
now .. when was the last time u noticed me
may be in the park
walking with a pink hat on me .. or was it on that day .. remember . raining .. u and me ..
i laugh at times relaising how childish this play is
of being honest from heart .. i wonder how it looks .. "PINK HEART"
yes yes i know u are thinkin about love
i have to admit i was always on those rows
of being able to touch
to smell
to kiss
and to feel
the roses of ur cheeks
and gently river the smile of ur mind
its been a while hasn't it
of us being the stars of the sky ?
and nonchalantly playing that game
yes yes . that game .. dont telme u don remember ,of those lovely hearts n dimsim lights and grass and pathways ...
i felt my lips twich . could have been a smile. . dont know ..
may be u could .. may be

- saswati barat
23rd oct 2008

Heart Beat

the touch of the smile ..
the score of the lips ..
the light of the eyes ..
the heart beat slips ..

something so pure .. so clear .. so clean
something so cosmicly beastly scene

to hurt to heal to high to have
to know the truth of the blood which
flows and have

again the touch of the smile ..
the score of the lips ..
the light of the eyes ..
and the heart beat slips ....

Saswati Barat
1:41 am
march 22nd , 2008



crypted in the shadows of being
My self
crypted in the humble world of
crypted in the minds of many
i claim myself

down the streaming sky
i write my words high
and slowly see them Crawling
back to the earth
like a free bird in a golden cage !

crypted by them who wish for my
crypted by them who want me to
crypted by them who never fail to
stab back !

living between the shadows -
of both love and lust
of pockets full of blood and yet warmth
of those who care and dont

i find myself

- saswati(nameless fameless)



i write on this day of the 7th of october '07
thank you i am honoured for being
patient enough

monsier, can u tell me why are u reading such
a meaningless thing ? only because
it has been given to you ? is it that are you
forced to do so ? or at ur will .. yes yes i can understand
how dare can someone do something without your will

after all . humans are the super beings !

or is it ?

and u little child .. y do u read dis piece of gibirish?
in ur syllabi ? or is it ur parents said .. read my child ?
y do u do so ? sumthin u not wish to ?
humans huh ?? super beings ??

well well creativity is simplicity .. no bill clinton doesnt say so
i do .. who i ?? i am human .. yes a human .. remember ?
super being ??

if life could be traced like this , in a candle path of molten rods and stoned wind ..
can u say why i write it at all ? no u cant
how can u .. how many treat u as u are .. rather as u want to be ?

how many let u be urself. . yes we have huge philosophies huge people throwed upon us
but it is almost like some ones saying .. " anything worth learning is never taught !" or
rather i must say .. " nothing worth learning is taught ever"

can u say why i am writing such nonsense? and wasting your valuable time and space
this time and space could offer .. earth is round , so ? what should i do ?
i am not round ? am i ? i am human .. a being .. or am i again ?

now see .. how far have u reached of this gibirish i have been speaking to u
and u still intend to read it and yet feel disgusted .. what a waste
not a waste but haste my love
nothing is useless untill u make it
like those people in the far islands fighting for cooking !
imagine .. anyone do that .. but yes that is truth
and as always .. truth is harsh ..

gibirish the end !
amen !

- saswati (nameless fameless)

Pieces of Peace

in pieces of solitude and destiny
i try to find a piece of peace
peace of mind
and soul
peace of being solitary
insanity never rules
can never dream be the true identity ?
i seek to pieces
pieces of peace
love and hatred coincide
where i can claim i am not insane
yes i am bad
worse than the worst human
planet earth can offer in this
stinking drain
whose lives come and by and buy
authority speaks louder than power
hatred is power
greed and ambitions
love is authority
want to love those loved ones
and care
i am insane
may be people say so
but who cares !!
pieces of peace in a jumble
placing them in order
can u see why i cry
noh !! u cant !
who cares !
i do !
u do !
we do !
huh !! .. a word so lustfully meaningless
humanity dreams and dreaming
dreaming till yet
who cares !!!

- saswati (nameless fameless)