"When my Heart ponders over the colors of life ... You come as a savior to my eyes And with my Pen I jot down the thoughts and embrace LIFE as it comes ... " - Saswati Barat

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Perceptions of reality
Dilute in doubt, mischief and disgust
Of past how lives sacrifice and teach
Wings of fortune shoot up
Character develops into personality
Bening trust spreads like infected mushrooms looking for grounds
Suck in the life
Breath down the neck
Surrender in the one which calls you by your name
Dust it, do not break it
Perceptions of reality change these days
One instant, you bring
The next, you take
Reasons which speak by themselves they say
Clouded rooms of buzzing sapiens
Damn the social life of hundreds
What is a conversation anyway
Who would have thought eh, that one day someone walking in
Teach you to be wiser than you think
Tell you to stand still as you speak
Notorious kid
Run faster than you can
Ideas can spread like fire
Intelligence begins to weigh down a burden
Resistance to change
Correct me if I am wrong, who would have thought that we would think
Think if we would turn out the way we are now
If you know what now can mean
This moment of reality, past all others which exist
Parallely in this one universe