"When my Heart ponders over the colors of life ... You come as a savior to my eyes And with my Pen I jot down the thoughts and embrace LIFE as it comes ... " - Saswati Barat

Saturday, October 31, 2009

life and lesser life

when the mind boggles
over the specs of life
and binds the heart
within the girdle
of kisses and hugs
my heart wonders where it went
on a vacation is it?
lovely blue to cover the gray
sweet honey memory or
red hot chillies ?
like any body
i would like to be there
and would you want to know
where would i stay
but yes
yes i would laugh
and dance with the tunes
gushing out every
oh blush
melting like a new made sand pot
full of bubbles and full of life
with a bit of a dive
and straighten the kinds
of the less thought emotions
less traveled roads
and lesser evils of myself
care to know
where to go
let me flow
and be gone
gone with the waves
and depth of the ocean
and corals being my guardians of

31st october 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

Bangla poem - "TUI"

ami janina na
ar konodino kauke bhalo bashte parbo kina
toke ja bashi shetai onek
"overwhelming" ja bole ar ki
nischoi bhabchis bangla te hotat
ki korbo bol
mon ta to shei bangalir
tai sob moner kotha ar engriji te likhte parina
jodi bhul bujhis
shotti to
bhul bojha bujhi amader moddhye onektai kom
mone ache
boltam agey ?
amader moddhe koto koto similarities
gune mote cchota "difference" peyechilam
tahole bolna re
aj keno erom
holo amader
amader .. bhableo kemon ekta hashi paye
tar porei chokh bhore kanna
jani re
ami ektao kichu theek korina
hoeto "personality" tai oram
"loose" ..
nah aj bolte kharap lagchena
kintu janis
toke na khub bhalobashi
bhabini kokhuno je erom ekta poristhiti te porte hobe
khub "pure" mone hoto nijeke
jani sheta keuna
dhoya tulshi pata to noe
borong "drain" er jole nogra hoe jawa ekta mon
tar moddheo janis lukiye ache ekta konae
ekdom heere moton ekta tukro
khali tor jonno
bole na
koela khurle heere pawa jae
oram e hoeto
ekhun ashi
abar kal ashbo
toke na dekhe beche thakte parina je
bhalo thakish monai
kkhub bhalo thakish
bhalobashi toke

- saswati barat

ps : aj sunchilam brototi bondhopadhya'r kobita'r ekta cd.. shotti .. ki sundor sundor shob kobita. . . oikhan thekei ar ki insipiration peye ... jani baje hoeche .. tobuo

Words & Feelings

What is sadness ?
What is this pain ?
Why does it occur ?
Why does it stay ?
Is it because I've lost a bait
A promise made to stay
But can't the circumstances count
Am I always to be blamed ?
A human always wants
Some love and peace of mind
Some shelter and care
And a drop of smile
But even when I give bounds
Without ever thinking of a return
Never to correct your mistakes
Why do i fail ever?
May be its my "fate"
Crooked towards the heart line
Palmistry is my major these days
Can't rely
On mine
But will you please tell me why
Why don't at times
I deserve
Or is it that I am really worthless
And pathetic of all dooms ?
I don't want it always
But at times I too feel human
Wanting to be loved
to be cared
A warm hand to hold
A wide shoulder to sleep
My pillow
That's what I would say
I have stayed awake so long
Just to see you sleep
Touching your forehead with my fingers
And reclining back almost
So that you just don't wake up
I know
I do
Yes you too
Love me
And I really don't wan anything more
But may be at times
I might
Want a bit of expression
I love you
A small kiss
A heartfelt smile
And a soft touch
Will you be mine ?
Forever ?

- Nameless Fameless

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mindless Heart

how cunning is the world
makes you round and round
and takes your mind
to believe
its flat
cause if it was round
it wouldn't let you fall
it wouldn't let you just crash
and the proof of its flatness
raw still hard cold stones
which always makes you trip
and injure
but if it was round
wouldn't it let you just go
and never let go ?

And also the sky
beautiful they say
I say
its just a blanket
Blanket to cover up your eyes
and force you to see the world
like others do

But why
Why shall I ?
Don't i have me own mind ?
Can't I say feel
That would be just mine
I know
I am selfish
I am jealous
But will you say
Why i can't be like me ?

When they do the same
and claim its just for fun
Why can't I ?
Why is mine always the crime
Why ?

- Nameless Fameless

Story of a heart

Let answers be told
and lights be shown

dividing any wrong

any petty strong
Emotions can go wild

One can cry

Can't they ?

Why is it wrong

Wrong to say the way

Your emotions keep dusting
In your heart
And cause that
Heart beat is strong
can u hear it sound

Banging to be heard

and saved Saved
from the walls
it has built on its own will
will which might have just been
some still
still of life

where the mind
let heart choose
what felt right
right at the moment of "truth"

Break me free

Let me see please
I need love
I need care

I wanna be touched
I wanna be felt

I don wanna be caged like this

Please trust me
I don't wanna hurt you

I wanna be with you
All my life


Let my heart Sing to you

Its own story

- Nameless Fameless

Friday, October 09, 2009

night of the angel

the angel
came riding on a unicorn
she stood by
waiting for me to come
but since i was late she went away
never to come back again
will she not understand my
plight ?
oh angel
come back please
take me with you
to the woods
to the ice
and the sand
let me too see
the world with your eyes