"When my Heart ponders over the colors of life ... You come as a savior to my eyes And with my Pen I jot down the thoughts and embrace LIFE as it comes ... " - Saswati Barat

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A seed , A life and A Smile

I am a seed
Born to grow and die

Born to live by

Life's Smile

And through my eyes

I see the world in the littlest size

And you call me not as


As a mustache with a beard

Strong dependable muscles

Weird !

Of how this world might turn
To beasts
Than beauties ?

Agreed I am the ugliest

The most prettiest of all ugly

Mankind wants me to refresh

Soft water

Rose petals

Soft Supple Skin

Which always makes people

By far go wild

Hate and Contempt the

Very presence of the either

If the man
reads the newspaper
God forbid the women might
Go out of their grasp
And tell me why

Such improper justice
Is meddled upon

Even among wives

Of the wealthy Babus

Don't be confused

Because life can

Be harsh

At times

A seed , A life and A Smile

- Saswati Barat
1:22 Am

ps : don't know if you will like it or not.. many might find it feminist in nature but it was not in the true sense, and again it is true, i had targeted the "sexually" dominated in the society

Monday, August 24, 2009


Like i said
Cough it out
Sneeze that bit
Stuck in that
Lump down your

Shake it off
Blow it out
Don't Care
Its you
Who it matters
The most

Fear of uncanny things
Things royal and mundane
Fear of being afraid
Of losing the face

Of biting a small piece
Fearing you might gulp down the whole
Of touch slightly
Fearing you might not let go of the hold

Brush it off
Not brave
Fools act that way
Just act normally
Normally the way
You would

Don't you let that fear
Get in your way
Its a cunning four legged
Always lurking behind surprises
Good news
Fear might overshadow
Crouch you down the sun

Stand up
Fight back
Don't Fear

- Saswati Barat

ps : thanks to Indrajit for the spell check :)

Friday, August 07, 2009


Life seems to unfold
When you think you have settled down
And makes you stir in that comfy seat of yours
As if telling you not to just yet
Put your guard down
And that frown
Which finds its way through your face
Might project a lot of disgust
To life's amusement
And bring about that little change you never would have welcomed
Could this be a challenge ?
Another "life's games" may be ?
Or is it much more complex
Rather simple in its terms
To juggle ones fate
In their own hands
If you drop it
You loose !
And if you don't
Master is sure to find a way you do
And even if you survive
Life ain't gonna make this easy for you
Why do we strive so hard
So hard in this once in a lifetime ?
Purely not indulging to our pleasures
To counter react on our impulses
Better off
Less than
Why is it so hard to believe we live
And live not for one's sake but life's ?

- Saswati Barat

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I am Society

I am society

I am the mind

I am greedy

I am the kind

I am love

And I am peace

I am what you

Think of me is

I twirl and twist

And stop the change

I break the bottle

And shift the phase

I am Mighty

I am a Beast

I can be tasty

But I can be least

Least bothered

Least concerned

Lest you make

Me feel

I am perfect

I am time

I am mortal

I am fine

I am a story

I am a tale

I was the king

And the angel

I am cold

Cold like the mountains

And I am warm


When the sunshine beats

When the grenades fail

I am the blanket

I inhale

All your sorrow

All your grief

I am old

And I am ancient

But I am patient

I am the society

- Saswati Barat