"When my Heart ponders over the colors of life ... You come as a savior to my eyes And with my Pen I jot down the thoughts and embrace LIFE as it comes ... " - Saswati Barat

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I know of a Man

I know of a man
A man of a kind
A kind so rare to find
He smiles he laughs
He rages and roars
He cries and bitters
But he never loses hope
He Stays
He listens
He speaks so wise
His heart roasts a rose
A pebble and a dime
I know of a man
A man who can be
A son
A brother
A husband to be
And I know of him
Through a distance sky
And yet he feels
So close, close by
He learns
He chooses
His mistakes
His experiences
He never looses
But learns his win
A man who does
What seems to be the best
A man who is chivalrous than the rest
A man who is wild
And yet kind, very kind
A man who cares
Cares like a best friend
A man who loves
Loves like a Romeo
A man who works
As hard as a you can go
And I know of a man
Who defines dignity
Pleasure and resistance
He knows what to Be
A man I can say
With trust and honesty
A man you shall be
Till all of eternity

- Saswati Barat

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I keep asking my heart
Asking it aloud to open up
Break the shell
Untie the chains
and Pull the feathers together
I wish my heart would listen to me
Would fly like a free bird in the sky
I wish my heart would not just be
a mere piece of flesh and then die
And when someone so important
so blissfully true
Takes a vow
to live with you
I ask my heart once again
Be free
Be free
let go
and a small prick here and there
my heart seems to bleed
Then a sudden burst of endless happiness
of passion desire and need
Love gushes and trembles
and breaks apart the walls
I hear my heart beat after ages
The man can hear the beating thump
and I blush like I haven't in ages
I keep asking my heart
Asking it to stop its cries so loud
It cries back at me
Oh, my friend
I feel alive