"When my Heart ponders over the colors of life ... You come as a savior to my eyes And with my Pen I jot down the thoughts and embrace LIFE as it comes ... " - Saswati Barat

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Land of reds , blues and greens.

Craning the head
Settling in a busy city
The nose searches a familiar smell
But alas !
Lost in the midst of thousands of reds blues and greens
A brown wonders where to sit down
Down by the drain he sits
And looks on
On towards the plain of metal roads
And black smoke
Ferry green ? Where is it ?
Back down the memory lane
Powerful winds with a rosemary smell
Fills the nose back to reality
Disgusting the Brown thinks
In this colorful world with such
Dirty tricks
Tricks played on wools and pins
And even water to drink
Drink ?
And in search of that i come.
Come far my land to this
This land of reds blues and greens !

Saswati Barat
24th Dec 2009
10:03 PM

Monday, December 07, 2009


Can this humanity
that it has drawn out
the best of its manners
can it say
it has been fair
to the world around
How can the world feel
so disoriented
Opposinf its own preaching
how can one call this
Humane ??
Pretence is the mask taught
taught to be glued
and never taken apart
lest someone catches you
and shatter the existence of humanity
in mere dust
and what not
is made this
so inhuman to tolerate

- Saswati barat

Saturday, October 31, 2009

life and lesser life

when the mind boggles
over the specs of life
and binds the heart
within the girdle
of kisses and hugs
my heart wonders where it went
on a vacation is it?
lovely blue to cover the gray
sweet honey memory or
red hot chillies ?
like any body
i would like to be there
and would you want to know
where would i stay
but yes
yes i would laugh
and dance with the tunes
gushing out every
oh blush
melting like a new made sand pot
full of bubbles and full of life
with a bit of a dive
and straighten the kinds
of the less thought emotions
less traveled roads
and lesser evils of myself
care to know
where to go
let me flow
and be gone
gone with the waves
and depth of the ocean
and corals being my guardians of

31st october 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

Bangla poem - "TUI"

ami janina na
ar konodino kauke bhalo bashte parbo kina
toke ja bashi shetai onek
"overwhelming" ja bole ar ki
nischoi bhabchis bangla te hotat
ki korbo bol
mon ta to shei bangalir
tai sob moner kotha ar engriji te likhte parina
jodi bhul bujhis
shotti to
bhul bojha bujhi amader moddhye onektai kom
mone ache
boltam agey ?
amader moddhe koto koto similarities
gune mote cchota "difference" peyechilam
tahole bolna re
aj keno erom
holo amader
amader .. bhableo kemon ekta hashi paye
tar porei chokh bhore kanna
jani re
ami ektao kichu theek korina
hoeto "personality" tai oram
"loose" ..
nah aj bolte kharap lagchena
kintu janis
toke na khub bhalobashi
bhabini kokhuno je erom ekta poristhiti te porte hobe
khub "pure" mone hoto nijeke
jani sheta keuna
dhoya tulshi pata to noe
borong "drain" er jole nogra hoe jawa ekta mon
tar moddheo janis lukiye ache ekta konae
ekdom heere moton ekta tukro
khali tor jonno
bole na
koela khurle heere pawa jae
oram e hoeto
ekhun ashi
abar kal ashbo
toke na dekhe beche thakte parina je
bhalo thakish monai
kkhub bhalo thakish
bhalobashi toke

- saswati barat

ps : aj sunchilam brototi bondhopadhya'r kobita'r ekta cd.. shotti .. ki sundor sundor shob kobita. . . oikhan thekei ar ki insipiration peye ... jani baje hoeche .. tobuo

Words & Feelings

What is sadness ?
What is this pain ?
Why does it occur ?
Why does it stay ?
Is it because I've lost a bait
A promise made to stay
But can't the circumstances count
Am I always to be blamed ?
A human always wants
Some love and peace of mind
Some shelter and care
And a drop of smile
But even when I give bounds
Without ever thinking of a return
Never to correct your mistakes
Why do i fail ever?
May be its my "fate"
Crooked towards the heart line
Palmistry is my major these days
Can't rely
On mine
But will you please tell me why
Why don't at times
I deserve
Or is it that I am really worthless
And pathetic of all dooms ?
I don't want it always
But at times I too feel human
Wanting to be loved
to be cared
A warm hand to hold
A wide shoulder to sleep
My pillow
That's what I would say
I have stayed awake so long
Just to see you sleep
Touching your forehead with my fingers
And reclining back almost
So that you just don't wake up
I know
I do
Yes you too
Love me
And I really don't wan anything more
But may be at times
I might
Want a bit of expression
I love you
A small kiss
A heartfelt smile
And a soft touch
Will you be mine ?
Forever ?

- Nameless Fameless

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mindless Heart

how cunning is the world
makes you round and round
and takes your mind
to believe
its flat
cause if it was round
it wouldn't let you fall
it wouldn't let you just crash
and the proof of its flatness
raw still hard cold stones
which always makes you trip
and injure
but if it was round
wouldn't it let you just go
and never let go ?

And also the sky
beautiful they say
I say
its just a blanket
Blanket to cover up your eyes
and force you to see the world
like others do

But why
Why shall I ?
Don't i have me own mind ?
Can't I say feel
That would be just mine
I know
I am selfish
I am jealous
But will you say
Why i can't be like me ?

When they do the same
and claim its just for fun
Why can't I ?
Why is mine always the crime
Why ?

- Nameless Fameless

Story of a heart

Let answers be told
and lights be shown

dividing any wrong

any petty strong
Emotions can go wild

One can cry

Can't they ?

Why is it wrong

Wrong to say the way

Your emotions keep dusting
In your heart
And cause that
Heart beat is strong
can u hear it sound

Banging to be heard

and saved Saved
from the walls
it has built on its own will
will which might have just been
some still
still of life

where the mind
let heart choose
what felt right
right at the moment of "truth"

Break me free

Let me see please
I need love
I need care

I wanna be touched
I wanna be felt

I don wanna be caged like this

Please trust me
I don't wanna hurt you

I wanna be with you
All my life


Let my heart Sing to you

Its own story

- Nameless Fameless

Friday, October 09, 2009

night of the angel

the angel
came riding on a unicorn
she stood by
waiting for me to come
but since i was late she went away
never to come back again
will she not understand my
plight ?
oh angel
come back please
take me with you
to the woods
to the ice
and the sand
let me too see
the world with your eyes

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Is mortal
Cause it dies as
Every minute passes by
And Lessens the joys
And of course some sorrows
Of life
While ticking away
The past
The present just blinks away
The future a breath apart
Time makes a day
A night
And a week
A month
And years together makes Time
So mortal
So dead
So historically
I will never get
That time back
To be patient enough
Wait to watch and see
What happens
To time

- Saswati Barat

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A seed , A life and A Smile

I am a seed
Born to grow and die

Born to live by

Life's Smile

And through my eyes

I see the world in the littlest size

And you call me not as


As a mustache with a beard

Strong dependable muscles

Weird !

Of how this world might turn
To beasts
Than beauties ?

Agreed I am the ugliest

The most prettiest of all ugly

Mankind wants me to refresh

Soft water

Rose petals

Soft Supple Skin

Which always makes people

By far go wild

Hate and Contempt the

Very presence of the either

If the man
reads the newspaper
God forbid the women might
Go out of their grasp
And tell me why

Such improper justice
Is meddled upon

Even among wives

Of the wealthy Babus

Don't be confused

Because life can

Be harsh

At times

A seed , A life and A Smile

- Saswati Barat
1:22 Am

ps : don't know if you will like it or not.. many might find it feminist in nature but it was not in the true sense, and again it is true, i had targeted the "sexually" dominated in the society

Monday, August 24, 2009


Like i said
Cough it out
Sneeze that bit
Stuck in that
Lump down your

Shake it off
Blow it out
Don't Care
Its you
Who it matters
The most

Fear of uncanny things
Things royal and mundane
Fear of being afraid
Of losing the face

Of biting a small piece
Fearing you might gulp down the whole
Of touch slightly
Fearing you might not let go of the hold

Brush it off
Not brave
Fools act that way
Just act normally
Normally the way
You would

Don't you let that fear
Get in your way
Its a cunning four legged
Always lurking behind surprises
Good news
Fear might overshadow
Crouch you down the sun

Stand up
Fight back
Don't Fear

- Saswati Barat

ps : thanks to Indrajit for the spell check :)

Friday, August 07, 2009


Life seems to unfold
When you think you have settled down
And makes you stir in that comfy seat of yours
As if telling you not to just yet
Put your guard down
And that frown
Which finds its way through your face
Might project a lot of disgust
To life's amusement
And bring about that little change you never would have welcomed
Could this be a challenge ?
Another "life's games" may be ?
Or is it much more complex
Rather simple in its terms
To juggle ones fate
In their own hands
If you drop it
You loose !
And if you don't
Master is sure to find a way you do
And even if you survive
Life ain't gonna make this easy for you
Why do we strive so hard
So hard in this once in a lifetime ?
Purely not indulging to our pleasures
To counter react on our impulses
Better off
Less than
Why is it so hard to believe we live
And live not for one's sake but life's ?

- Saswati Barat

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I am Society

I am society

I am the mind

I am greedy

I am the kind

I am love

And I am peace

I am what you

Think of me is

I twirl and twist

And stop the change

I break the bottle

And shift the phase

I am Mighty

I am a Beast

I can be tasty

But I can be least

Least bothered

Least concerned

Lest you make

Me feel

I am perfect

I am time

I am mortal

I am fine

I am a story

I am a tale

I was the king

And the angel

I am cold

Cold like the mountains

And I am warm


When the sunshine beats

When the grenades fail

I am the blanket

I inhale

All your sorrow

All your grief

I am old

And I am ancient

But I am patient

I am the society

- Saswati Barat

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Your eyes light me up
With that thirst buried
Buried deep in them
So deep that it makes me

For it may become another ocean
Ocean full of mysteries
An ocean which can stretch
Longer than any

Sailing through
I find myself
Lost in you

What can be more delightful
Delightful than these blue
With a dash of brown in the corners
What can be more true

Take me
Eat me with your eyes
Let me stay in them
And fly

- Saswati Barat

ps : somehow this was inspired by the book "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Being able to grasp you hard
And turn you into my arms
Pull you close
Feel you close
Bless me Oh!
This feels so high
Of the soft pink touching
Of the redness of the valve
Ah !
You make my heart go wild
Wriggling beneath
Your bosom
When our lips forever meet
Entangling us in a bond
No , not the bad one
Of the one which comes to us all
As a mere existing human
Gratifying to his needs
Need to love
Need to touch
Need to feel

- Saswati Barat
july 26th 2009
11:59 PM

Monday, July 13, 2009

Kho gaye hum

Dil hi dil main
Kho gae hum
Saanso ke palko main
So gaye hum

So gaye hum in nasheele baahon main
Na rok saki yea dil
is haseen muskurahat se

Ret ke jaise pighal gae hum
NA pyaas bujhi
In hoton ki baarish se

Na pyaas bujhi
in hoton ki baarish se
Na raat guzri
in lamho ki tarikh se

Girti patto ki tarah
Kuch bol na pae hum
Na pae kuch bol
in phigle fulo ki tarah

Agar ho sake to
rokiye na humain
Hum naachis jaise
kitne aaenge

Ap ki roshan se phigal jaenge
Kho gaye hum mitti ki tarah
Paani ki tarah beh gaye hum

Dil hi dil main
kho gae hum
Saanso ke palko main
So gaye hum

- Saswati Barat
14 july 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

MY Birthday Song

When the sky meets the earth
With the goodness of the drop
The drop with the "plop"

Nothing seems so beautiful
Nothing seems so true

True with its blue

This day was I born Born
In the light of the moon

The moon Smiled and blessed
Said "dear , you are going to be true"

True like the rain which falls
Washing away all the dirt from thy heart

Like it smells on fresh mud

Mud , which makes you feel
Down to be the one
You were born

Born like a princess
With crystals in your eyes
And soft velvet in your skin
And a heart of gold

The Rain said
"Dear , be caring and nice
loving and dear
when needed to do so"

The moon also gave me
Some tests to complete

Said "dear , how will you pass this life if you don't prove to be alive?"

And the moon drench me with its rain
As I forever slept in its arm
Wit closed eyes
And a warm heart

Heart which still beats today
As I grow older a year
A year again to complete

So on this day
I thank the Moon
the Rain Thank you
For making me feel alive Once again !

- Saswati Barat

ps : okay .. now my birthday was this wednesday , i.e 8th .. and i always think of these lines .. so decided to jot them down .. hope you like them !

Friday, July 03, 2009

Friday, June 26, 2009


Man says that legend is in himself
Man says that legend is HIM
But what does legend say ?
Was it really the man himself or was it something different?

Things in life don't turn out well
One blames ones destiny
Fate laughs
But one cries
Justice you might not like to call it.

Having grudges against someone you love is permitted
May not be in the society which wraps you every night
But yes in your heart
That beats tirelessly everyday for you
For you who lives on
and creates a LEGEND for himself

I wonder how they live
Whose hearts stop beating for them every night
And beat for the ones opposite to them
Inside them
How can you think that they belong to you
Mind-Body games
I salute them
But is it really the destiny they follow
It can be a matter of choice
Or in most may be
Force of the legend behind them
Who have told them this is what you are
What you can
And What you will

Let me laugh
Who is going to watch me ?
Utter disgustingly
Forget them
Because legend says to do so
And you will do so
May be in the end

- Saswati Barat
27th June , 2009

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Flowery thoughts

A lost world.
In a lost word.
Streaming through the depths of our hearts..

Like a lifeless flower.
Which still remains but a flower.
Its presence radiating..

Is it the fault of the flower?
To be green,purple or black,
And not match with the garden's yellow and blues.

Of kind but honest lines..

- Saswati Barat

Monday, June 01, 2009

Oh Please

Touch me with your smile
Touch me with your heart
Don't Leave
Oh please
Let me touch you with my soul
And feel you with my heart
Oh please
Don't Leave

I know i have been bad
May be worse than the most
But you know
I know that you know
I do love you alot
Come back
Don't leave me
Oh please
Don't leave

When you smile
I feel the light
And the dark in the night
Like a starry gaze above
When you talk
Yes ..
Then i feel as if i am
Not with me anymore
Like i feel
Being swept off
By a invisible light
And then
You touch me with your smile
Touch me with your heart
I know
Yes i know
You won't leave me
Oh yes ...

- Saswati Barat
1, June 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Let it go
Let it stay
Let it run
But see it does not run away
Let it feel
Let it touch
Let it hold
But only till you can behold
Sweet noise
Purple dust
Morning and Twilight of dusk
Sincere love
Pathetic anyways ?
Sooth your heart
Open it
Smell it
But see that you don't hurt it
Don't eat it
It might not taste so good
As it looks to be
Be like that
Do like this
Don't Consult
Judge by your brain
Not your heart
By the ways
You have experienced
And not by the
Ways taught to you
Sense it
And it will be yours
May be

- Saswati Barat
1:14 Am
May 21,2009

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Dipple Dumps .. Doddle

Words of a 7 months old baby

who doesnt even know the world

of troubles ? and happy endings too

Yes Yay How ... Who ?

Words of a solid old man .. Downtrodden

Loved and Left by known and unknown

Giggles of a girl child

Of a birthday surprise


Demanding How sweet that bye is

Chocolate date ? care love hug kiss

Demands of a gen-X Boy

Boy with strong will

No bare word dare describe his agressiveness


Of new born Child

To Live on and on

Who says this world is harsh ?

Harsh to those who accept it

Kindle the flame

Fold your palms

See how unnaturally natural this world is to be

To be yours and only yours

- Saswati Barat

@ everone !! ... sorry m presently in a holiday !! (YAAY !!) .. so kinda off the net... catch ya soon ! thans for commentin !!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nature at its best

Nothing as a poem
Nor as women
Neither being a crown
Nor a morning dawn
Just being my self till the end
I am Nature
Always at my best

- Saswati Barat
26th march 09

ps : okay now i did not intend to write any poetry but just post this beautiful picture i got while surfing.. :P

Monday, March 23, 2009

Man and his Kind

Like wise I thought,
I might be of use,
And take the green blue hue
Turn it to white and cheer Peace be upon them
Wierd ways this mankind works
Where I fight because I've been told to
And then cry my breasts apart
Like a mother crying for a burnt child
While I whine my fate
To not give me mine
Enough says the human On the roads who dine
With milk-liped kids And left over food
Why do I fight
With God in my hand
And not understand even
Why He created
Man Of all living beings?
May peace be with you

-saswati barat 23rd march 09
(Blogd Frm my cell :-P)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thoughtful thoughts

Thoughtful thoughts
Of a migrant mind
With darted eyes
And stitched up lips

With pale white gaze
Like full moon haze
Come let me show you
MY world

Of drunken beats
Of left over life
Like merry go round
And seated knives

Belt it tight
Or else might bite
What laughter or cry
Smirk or shy

Bellowing sounds
Of heartfelt kiss
Let me show the passion
The heart warming bliss

Courage and wisdom of tightly
Switched them off on
Sacred religion
You and Me

Me the world u seek
Of thoughtful thoughts
And drunken beats
Of left over life

Thoughtful thoughts
Of a migrant mind
With darted eyes
And stitched up lips

Saswati Barat
March 22nd 2009


When things don't change in life
we wish it changes
when things do
we wish it never did

What is this change
which binds the human heart
and fears it so loud
that grips ?
But better ones never ?

Have you heard the long lost tale ? "Karur Poush maash to karur sorbonaash?"
Of bitter sweet tastes ?
Change is that which plunges us to the core
and thrust us up shore
to face this uncanny world
of new things
some old
same old but new
and some not even recognized by the eagle eye

Levels of laughter
Clouds of cries
Sea of smiles
All combine to welcome change
or even to revolt it

I am what i am
but I always want to be like that
Life is funny at times

- Saswati Barat
MARCH 22nd 2009

Sunday, March 08, 2009

A poem

A poem is poet's thought
A poet's Imagination
A poem is poet's

A pride which is hard
to take away by buying
A poem is that
which gives
to a lifeless soul
to a mindless heart
A poem is everything
to a Life
without any meaning

A meaning to still exist
A meaning to still
Thrive for that only world
Which brings you grays
and blacks
and Whites
White lies

A poem is eternal
may not be real
may not be famous
A poem is
the heart and mind
of the people

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I may be artificial
I may be not real
I may be not true
But I am beauty
Beauty which seeks in a heart
of thousand blossomed Rose
Take me
And bind me with the snow
Try me
And sing me with a bow
I will remain humble
and not wince or twin
I will flow gently
like a soundless shadow by
And end up folded in the covers
like memories of a loved
but forgotten one
I am beauty
True to its nature
and Son

- Nameless Fameless ( Saswati Barat)
March 04,2009
9:17 PM

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Random Life

When i Feel it has been long
Longer than i waited
Of soft and brittle eye lashes
Waiting to be knitted
By those drunken smile and
Kitty eyes
My Lord , Why do I feel so
Happy ? When the world
is still fresh Red
and the mountains Howl behind
I feel as if in a Garden
With Flowers
Mangoes and Oranges
Is that what you say the gift
Of nature ..
O' Lord
Forgive thy speech
but I don't wanna see these things
All i want is Me
My Life
in a small little hut
enough to feed us
And wake up everyday with a blessing
That God has given us
Pray that the night be peaceful
i will make Love
Love towards my life
and in the end
when the laws of nature comes by
I will create a new life
May Lord bless it
with all its might.

- Nameless Famelesss
March 03 , 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

thoughts unbound

if u hate me
i will hate u back
if u love me
i might love u more
if u ignore me
i will try ignoring u
so what is this life about ?
nothing more to deepen its line ?
like may be smell
or taste ! of ur eyes .. when it falls on the same gaze as mine
like a lily trying to hide its shadow from the sky
blue sky
if u dont hate me
then do u love me
if u do then why do u ignore me ?
i really dont understand such
this life throws at us
as ifa math exam for checking the next einstien
want it to be much simpler
friends ! yes thats the first word i remember i learnt to become the
social animal everyone talks about of
let me touch those finger tips
and slide away in ur thoughts
perfect blend
of magic
and happiness
thoughtfully wrapped in the smoothness of your touch.

saswati barat
24th Feb 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dress I wanna wear on my reception ! LOL



My Ma doesn’t seem to respond me well

Not well enough to identify me in her eye

My Pa keeps reminding me of my values

I just crossed a decade in my life

Roll no. 3, Academic Topper, Naughty lil girl

Some synonyms my teachers gift me

Idiot and nonsense gifted by some others

Though I just happen to be me

Just me

The unlucky year arrives

Arrives with it maturity

“You’re a big girl now” my parent reminds

Reminds me of my purity

Active, Jolly, Committed

I play different roles in my life

Life to me as a Student

Life to be still a Child

My me welcomes a new company

Her name seems to be Teen

Arrives with her some designations

Which happens to be gifted to me?

Cell-freak, psycho, stout and chatter

Best friend, Girl Friend, “Cute” and bitter

Me goes hunting to hither and thither

In search of a so called “my character”

Of me being a standard ten learner

Of me being the school orator

OR is it something of me being alone

Just me and only me?

A painter, a dancer and a beautiful young lady

Stick to me for the next pair of years

Years yearned to gain my freedom

I now come to be known as self-earner

A social worker, A web developer

A poet and A manager

My me seems to have found

The requirements for her

She is a girl

She is a daughter

She is a sister

And an Aunt

She is an Indian

She is a Bengali

She is a Baidya

And a plant

Yet to grow its leaves and roots deep inside the earth

And Leave a mark on the surface

To be identified as


Just me

Only me

- Nameless Fameless

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Midnight Crowd

Bustle and hustle
beeps and bombs
of the silent skies
which cries
in my eyes
like lighted lamp
with the breaded vamp
of the clock strikes eleven
oh me the heaven
will sleep soon
let me hear it again
nomadic views
transperent hues
birdly crows
vows and hows
of being that man
or woman in the car
of drenched wet seats
like messed up beats
joyous highs
mented minds of burned ashes
and dark
yes thats not
the limped packet
of cookies
i choose
with milked acid
of white plain dark
skinned men
and the purple haze
and the blue star gaze
between the sheets
shifting breaths
mumbled jumbles
of go-bye bus
meanwhile hush
drops down shadow
no mere window
thats true
my dreams
being able to miss and miss you.

- saswati barat
12th nov 2008

Wonders ...

i wonder why
it feels like a raining sky
as if the world is wet
no not with tears
with happiness..
i wonder why
it feels the dark sky
gushes out its deepest purple
sworing the moon like the best of pearls
as if it is not the queen
but with her order - the
most precious of all .. that wonders
may be the gleamy pearlish light
sooths my eye to make me happy
and cry
tears of joy .. nature bestows
those flowers that smell of the happy hours of the day and night
i wonder why
i always am within those open windows
being softened by the harsh cold things of life
and warmed by the hands of those
who i really care and love and protect
green leaves
orange umbrella
red candy
kindling blue of that last candle i have
to save for my candle-lit dinner
my wonders keep wondering
i really wonder how

- saswati barat
Saturday, November 01,

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Please ..

i don't want to wake up
and see the mornign sky
i don't want to stand
alone in that crowded lane
i don't want to breath again
that sweet breath of yours
i want to die
die and fade away
u wanted to fade away too right ?
with u and urself
i want to
with all that i have
with all that we had
i hate u
i wont forgive u
u hurt me
like the morning hurts the last hopes of darkness
like the july rain hurts the hard soil
like the butterfly hurts the soft petals
why ? why is it that i have to suffer
each and every time
that trust
trust of being with u
trust of being urs
how could u break it
break it into pieces
shattered and smashed it
so badly
just leave me
i cannot take this
it hurts
the morning sky
the blue rays
the green drops
i hate it
i wanna live again
i want to live it
i may not be aware of ur favourite color
i may not be aware of ur favourite tune
i may not be that pretty petal everyone seeks
i am sorry
i beg u

- saswati barat
25th october 2008

Friday, January 09, 2009


will u keep a secret
like the stars of the sky
will u keep my heart with u
like the bee in the hive
will u please
tell me why
oh i feel
like i have been intoxicated
with that touch in ur hands
like i feel in the stands
when u pass me by
oh that golden smile
will u please
keep a secret
like me tellin u to be
not like me
and again
yes i feel being intoxicated
do u know
when i go
the morning stars tell me that
oh yes u wud know
coz u keep my secrets
oh yes

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Create Your Glitter Text

Magnificent life

What is this melodious feeling?
Like butterflies and purple flies
Benched upon the coloured Umbrella?
Messing up the morning hair to make it messier
Even weaving a sock which has 2 different tones
Butterfly dreams
Wet mornings
Dropped window panes
Moisten lips with the tip of the tongue
Hiding your face from the fellow passer byes
To make that peck on the mouthpiece for that special someone
Unshaped round pebbles
Good to try
Chocolate Popsicle
Berried bun
Moonlit candles to make a bit sour soup than expected
Some mistakes which do make u really happy
Jealous at times
To give that tingling affection
Exactly between your heart and lungs
At times like the evening breathe of wind
Slowly passing bye
To make u feel cold and cared
Dummy head
Sweet little cutie pie
Closed cupboards that have keys stuck at the holes
Honey dropping from the hives
Open shoelace but still trying to walk by
Magnificent life!
- Saswati Barat
10:55 pm
10 November 2008